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Out on a Limb

The Adaptive Ski Documentary

Out on a Limb follows Geoff, Dan and Isaac, three wheelchair users who embark on a mission to conquer the Swiss Alps and prove that having a disability won’t tame their sense of adventure.

With expert training from disability sports instructors as well as volunteer helpers, the trio set out to learn how to master their adaptive skis and navigate the perilous mountain terrain. Both mentally and physically, this week will be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of their lives. 


Kino Short Film Night - Angel, London.                     15/08/2019

IDDP Film Night - The Broadway Theatre, Barking.     22/08/2019 

Showroom Shorts - Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.    17/09/2019

Screen Central - Birmingham, B9 4AT Birmingham    05/10/2019

Five Lamps Film - Derby, DE1 3AS, Market Place       26/11/2019

Kendal Mountain Festival - LA8 9NB                         14/11/2019

Forest Film Night - The Birds, E11 3AA, Leytonstone   28/11/2019

Produced by James Dann and Paul Jones. 

Editor: Paul Jones

Director / Videographer: James Dann

Who’s in the doc?

In 2010, former scaffolder Geoff Gaynord fell and broke his back at work. He awoke to find a doctor telling him that he would never walk again. Since the accident, this ski trip is Geoff’s first time travelling outside the UK alone. Through the mental and physical exertion that the week demands, from starting out with an assistant to tackling the slopes by himself, Geoff will discover the sheer adrenaline, liberation and new-found freedom that skiing offers. 



Three years ago, as a result of falling down an escalator, 33-year-old former estate agent Daniel Wilson became paralysed from the waist down following severe haemorrhaging during vital spinal surgery. Fuelled by the pure adrenaline that comes from this exhilarating and perilous sport, this is Dan’s second time in attempting to master adaptive skiing. However, despite facing the hazardous mountain terrain, being away from his home in the UK presents a much larger challenge. With regular medication needed as well as constant maintenance of various physical ailments, Dan must not neglect his health and daily care routine, despite being immersed in the excitement and intensity of the trip. 

24-year-old vlogger Isaac Harvey was born with limb/pelvis hypoplasia, a condition that means Isaac has short legs, no arms and must use his feet for all of his daily activities. This is Isaac’s first time on the mountain, and with the aid of Deffi Sports, an adaptive ski company, he will be fitted into a customised chair that is perfectly adapted to his body. For the week, all of Isaac’s trust is placed in the hands of those who control his chair. Travelling at speeds of 40MPH down the mountain, Isaac must give up control of his own movement and summon the strength to not succumb to extreme motion sickness.