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Thanks for checking out my work. I’m James Dann, a film maker, writer and director. I make documentaries, short films and sketches.

From survivalist gun culture in the East Coast of America to multi-faith care homes in the mountains of Israel, I’ve created a broad spectrum of different documentaries focusing on a variety of social issues and unique individuals.


I also run a production company called Chicago Rice, we mostly do comedy sketches and short films around Manchester. It's good fun. 

For two years I worked for YouTube as a Director OnSite and have also been an Assistant Producer for the BBC and a casting researcher for ITV. I’ve also drank from the water coolers of the Channel 4, Channel 5, BFI, Lizardfish TV, Blue Door Co and Banyak Films.

So that's me! Have a good day / night and if you want to have a chat, get in touch via the contact form.