2nd Amendment

I’ve always been fascinated with America and its love affair with guns. From Hollywood movies that glamorise their use, to school massacres that continue to devastate the nation, firearms play an intrinsic role in American society.

Exhausted from the hearing the same political rhetoric being repeated over and over again, and always failing to address the roots of the issue, I decided to leave the UK and head to the East Coast of America to find out first-hand about how the gun debate continues to separate a nation.

From the streets of Philadelphia where people lie awake in bed playing ‘gunshot or firework’, to the remote Maryland hunters whose lives depend on their firearms to defend themselves, 2nd Amendment shatters the headlines and exposes the people and powers which lie at the core of the gun debate.

Before 2nd Amendment I’d never been to the USA. All I knew of the country was whatever the TV and news told me. The idea spawned purely out of curiosity. In the early stages of production, the original plan was to create a 10-20 minute short documentary in and around New York, as we had no idea how much access and footage we would be able to obtain. After 7 months of planning, sourcing crew from the US and sending thousands of emails, we realised the documentary was much bigger than we ever anticipated.

Going over to the states and seeing first-hand what was going on was a life-changing experience. People spoke with such passion on their cause, no matter what side of the argument they defended. Even with consideration of both sides of the argument, we still remained undecided. So many nights Myself and co-producer Richard Morel would stay up discussing the day’s shoot, trying to mentally piece together a conclusion. We always struggled to come to a clear answer.

2nd Amendment has been screened at Genesis Cinema, Hackney Picturehouse and Universities across the UK, as well as involved in American Studies course discussions at the University of Hertfordshire.

Produced and directed by myself and Richard Morel

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